CSPI Staff

Don Allen
Director of Finance

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Jessica Almy
Senior Nutrition Policy Counsel

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Angela Amico
Project Coordinator, Health Promotion Policy & Biotechnology

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Christopher Anderson
Office Manager

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Jorge Bach
Art Director

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Rebecca Bailey
Development Coordinator

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Sheila Benjamin
Customer Service Representative

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Debra Brink
Senior Production Manager

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Jeff Cronin
Communications Director

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Deane Edelman
Project Assistant

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Tony Ellis
Nutrition Policy Associate

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Leah Ettman
Project Coordinator, Nutrition Action Healthletter

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Louella Fennell
Customer Service Representative

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Jennifer Green-Holmes
Director of Marketing

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Michael F. Jacobson

Gregory Jaffe
Director of Biotechnology

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Maia Kats
Litigation Director

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Kelli Knox
Deputy Development Director

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Joey Lee
Online Community Manager

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Lisa Lefferts
Senior Scientist

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Bonnie Liebman
Director of Nutrition

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Laura MacCleery
Director of Regulatory Affairs

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Brian McMeley
Senior Marketing Manager

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Lindsay Moyer
Senior Nutritionist

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Colleen O'Day
Director of Human Resources & Administration

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Jim O'Hara
Director of Health Promotion Policy

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Ronda Parks
Accounting Associate

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David Plunkett
Senior Staff Attorney, Food Safety

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Sara Ribakove
Nutrition Policy Assistant

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Shawn Ricketts
Systems Administrator

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David Schardt
Senior Scientist

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Chris Schmidt
Customer Service Manager

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Stephen Schmidt
Editor-in-Chief, Nutrition Action Healthletter

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Colin Schwartz
Senior Nutrition Policy Associate

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Dennies Simmons
Mail Clerk

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Emily Snyder
Nutrition Policy Associate

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Ariana Stone
Communications Assistant

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Will Thanhauser
Staff Attorney, Litigation

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Ken Waldmiller
Director of Information Systems

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Jane Welna
Development Director

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Margo Wootan
Director of Nutrition Policy

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