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Letter:  FTC Letter Responding to Beam Global Initiative on Alcohol Marketings -- May 9, 2007

Urge Congress to Increase, Not Cut
Alcohol Taxes

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Press Release:  Anheuser-Busch's "Spykes" Labels Illegal, Group Says: Warning Label Too Small on Controversial Kid-Friendly Shots -- April 16, 2007


CSPI Letter to Federal Bureau

Press Release:  CSPI Urges Nationwide Recall of Spykes "Liquid Lunchables:" Group Will Ask State Attorneys General to Investigate -- April 4, 2007

Press Release:  Surgeon General's Call to Action on Underage Drinking Welcomed -- March 7, 2007

Press Release:  Anheuser-Busch Urged to Abandon "Idiotarod" Beer Promotion -- February 28, 2007

Letter:  Groups Call on Congress to Raise, Not Lower Alcohol Taxes -- January 23, 2007

Issue Update:  CSPI Supports TTB Rule on Food Allergen Labeling of Alcoholic Beverages -- December 14, 2006

Washington Report Special Edition:  Congress Passes the STOP Act, Underage Drinking Prevention Bill to Become Public Law -- December 7, 2006

Action Alert:  Thank the STOP Act's Co-Sponsors! -- December 7, 2006

Press Release:  Congress Passes Sober Truth on Preventing (STOP) Underage Drinking Act -- December 7, 2006

Press Release:  Stars Urged to Rethink "Bud.TV": Child Protection and Health Advocates Call on Affleck, Damon, Others to Insist on Age-Verification Programs to Shield Underage Kids -- October 19, 2006

Press Release:  Major Distiller Opposes Partering with NASCAR - Pernod Ricard USA Says it Will Leave Trade Group Over Dispute -- September 27, 2006

Washington Report:  The newest issue includes an update on the progress of the STOP Underage Drinking Act, notices on government reviews of alcohol industry advertising and product labelling practices, as well as reports on recent efforts to remove alcohol advertising from sports TV -- July 28, 2006

Press Release:  Federal Trade Commission Urged to Investigate Beer and Liquor Sponsorship of NASCAR -- July 12, 2006

Press Release:  Advocates Praise Big Ten Conference and Fox Cable Networks for New Alcohol-Free Sports Channel -- June 29, 2006

Press Release:  Give Bud the Boot from World Cup, Groups Say -- June 22, 2006

Issue Update:  CSPI Reaction to CASA Study -- May 2, 1006

Action Alert:  April is Alcohol Awareness Month -- March 30, 2006

Action Alert:  Surgeon General's Call to Action on Underage Drinking -- 03/16/06

Action Alert:  Help Promote Real Solutions on Underage Drinking at Town Hall Meeting Events -- 03/16/06

Issue Update:  CSPI Comments on the Federal Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee on the Prevention of Underage Drinking (ICCPUD) "National Prevention Plan" -- 03/16/06

Issue Update:  CSPI and NOFAS oppose legislation that could pre-empt state and local fetal alcohol syndrome prevention measures -- 03/16/06

Press Release:  CSPI Responds to the Beer Institute’s Creation of an Independent Third-Party Review Panel to Field Complaints About Beer Advertising -- 02/08/06

Statement:  George A. Hacker's statement on the NIAAA-Funded Study Showing Alcohol Ads Contribute to Youth Drinking. -- 1/5/06

Action Alert:  Call on Congress to Increase Alcohol Taxes. -- 12/9/05

Press Release:  Alcohol Tax Hikes Prove Popular in New Poll. -- 12/7/05

Issue Update:  ICCPUD’s “National Meeting of the States”
Signals Modest Action on Underage Drinking. --

Issue Update:  Schwarzenegger Vetoes "Alcopop" Tax Break. -- 10/12/05

Press Release:  Schwarzenegger Urged to Veto "Alcopop" Tax Break. -- 10/6/05

Washington Report The newest issue covers the decision of the NCAA regarding alcohol ads, an update on the beer tax rollback bills, Anheuser-Busch's potential campaign to promote beer as "healthy," victories against J.C. Penny and Coors, and more! -- 9/27/05

Issue Update:  CSPI's Comments to the TTB on Ingredient Labeling. -- 9/23/05

Action Alert:  Booze T-Shirts Undermine Industry Ad Codes. -- 8/26/05

Issue Update:  Better Business Bureau Rules That Coors Ad Violates Advertising Pledge; Brewer Pulls Ad. -- 8/11/05

Report:  Take a Kid to a Beer: How the NCAA Recruits Kids for the Beer Market. -- 7/27/05

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Press Release:  Noted Economists Support Higher Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages. -- 5/16/05

News:  Anheuser-Busch Pulls "Alcoholism" Ad. -- 5/12/05

Bud Light Accused of Trivializing Alcoholism in New Ad:  Watchdog Groups Say Beer Ad Depicts Lying About Drinking -- 4/7/05

Issue Update:  TTB Requests Public Comment on Labeling Proposal. -- 4/29/05

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