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Contact info for Members of Parliament
—January 22, 2009

INTERNET TOOL: Web Networks, a Toronto-based advocacy communication service for non-profits
—January 22, 2009

—January 22, 2009

INTERNET TOOL: Cheap or free Internet-based global telephone and teleconferencing
—January 22, 2009

—January 22, 2009

INTERNET TOOL: GetInvolved.ca
—January 22, 2009

INTERNET TOOLS -- Survey Monkeys
—January 22, 2009

—January 22, 2009

Cheap software for charities
—January 22, 2009

Who meets with whom in the federal government
—January 22, 2009

Charity Village resources for non-profits
—January 22, 2009

House of Commons daily order of business
—January 22, 2009

House of Commons sitting calendar
—January 22, 2009

Guidelines for making oral and written submissions to legislative committees
—January 22, 2009

Library of Parliament : On the job with a Member of Parliament
—January 22, 2009

Find your MP using your postal code
—January 22, 2009

Live webcasts of Parliamentary committee hearings
—January 22, 2009

Government of Ontario staff directory
—January 22, 2009

Government of Canada staff directory
—January 22, 2009

Senate Obesity Report Should Breathe Life into Industry- and Policy-fuelled Health Problems (Acrobat 244k)
—March 1, 2016

Joint-statement to the World Health Organization re conflicts of interest (Acrobat 194k)
—January 25, 2016

Letter to federal Minister of Health Jane Philpott from the Coalition for Healthy School Food (Acrobat 320k)
—November 19, 2015

New Federal Government Promises Transformative Change in Public Health Law & Public Interest Science (Acrobat 187k)
—October 20, 2015

Advice to the World Health Organization on engagement with Non State Actors (Acrobat 445k)
—September 15, 2015

Final webinar agenda, speaker bios, and links to PPT slides for Nutrition Labelling for Public Health Impact. Is the Health Canada Proposal Up to the Job? (Acrobat 375k)
—August 6, 2015

Nutrition Labelling for Public Health Impact by Bill Jeffery, LLB (Acrobat 3776k)
—August 5, 2015

Advocating for Changes to Public Health Nutrition Laws (Acrobat 11147k)
—June 13, 2015

Technical brief to the Senate Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology (Acrobat 436k)
—February 5, 2015

U.N. General Assembly Renews Vows to Tackle Food, Tobacco, Alcohol, Inactivity-related Disease (Acrobat 191k)
—July 11, 2014

Outcome document of the high-level meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on the comprehensive review and assessment of the progress achieved in the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (Acrobat 192k)
—July 10, 2014

Call for ensuring primacy of health in trade deals and safeguards against conflicts of interest in addresses diseases caused by marketing of food, alcohol, tobacco (Acrobat 2015k)
—July 4, 2014

Making Kids Sick (or Healthy) By Decree (Acrobat 4290k)
—January 30, 2014

Comments on the conflict of interest reforms of the World Health Organization, ref. EB134/8 (Acrobat 320k)
—January 15, 2014

Conflict of Interest Coalition Statement of Concern (Acrobat 164k)
—September 21, 2013

Urge your MP to support Bill C-460, Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada Act
in english en français
—April 29, 2013

Petition to the House of Commons in Support of Bill C-460 (Acrobat 229k)
—March 4, 2013

Conflicts of Interest in International Disease Prevention Policy-Making (Acrobat 187k)
—September 27, 2012

United Nations Food Law Body Advances Global Standard for Mandatory Nutrition Labelling (Acrobat 234k)
—May 18, 2012

Fact Sheet on sodium and health prepared by a coalition for sodium reduction (Acrobat 289k)
—January 6, 2012

Political Declaration on NCDs in the context of 205 other general assembly resolutions issued since 1946
in english en français
—September 19, 2011

Political Declaration: United Nations High Level Meeting on the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases
in english en français
—September 19, 2011

Statement of Concern of the Conflict of Interest Coalition, 2011 (Acrobat 165k)
—September 16, 2011

Statement: Conflict of Interest Coalition (Acrobat 151k)
—September 16, 2011

Official, unedited United Nations 'zero draft' outcome document of the High-level Meeting on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (Acrobat 49k)
—June 24, 2011

Statement of concern on lack of clarity on role of industry for June UN interactive hearing and September UN High Level Meeting 2011
—June 22, 2011

Nutrition advice to the President of the United Nations General Assembly (Acrobat 321k)
—June 15, 2011

Testimony re Healthy Living at the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health
in english (Acrobat 258k) en français (Acrobat 264k)
—February 3, 2011

Technical Brief on Healthy Living for the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health
in english (Acrobat 401k) en français (Acrobat 413k)
—February 3, 2011

Economic Prevention Dividend: Key References (Acrobat 4573k)
—October 25, 2010

Championing Public Health Nutrition 2010: Conference Registration NOW OPEN!
—August 25, 2010

Toronto Board of Health--Sodium Reduction Strategy
—August 20, 2010

Statistics Canada, Mortality: Summary List of Causes, 2006
—July 15, 2010

On-line tool to send a letter to the editor of a daily news paper in Canada (or elsewhere)
—September 1, 2009

CTV: Ottawa should lead on childhood obesity: [Ontario Premier Dalton] McGuinty
—April 8, 2009

Petitions On-Line
—March 23, 2009

DOODLE: Handy tool for fixing meeting times for many people, esp. people in different time zones.
—March 4, 2009

World Cancer Research Fund expert and policy reports on diet
—February 26, 2009

Search registry of lobbyists and monthly communication reports with senior government officials
—February 5, 2009

Library of Parliament: A Practical Guide to Petitions
—February 4, 2009

Petitioning the House of Commons: A Practical Guide
—February 4, 2009

CanLII Electronic Resource of Canadian laws and court decisions
—January 22, 2009

World Cancer Research Fund 2007 report : Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer: A Global Perspective
—January 22, 2009

Links to provincial government websites
—January 22, 2009

Health Canada website
—January 22, 2009

Government of Canada info centre
—January 22, 2009

More tips and contact info for writing letters to the editor
—January 22, 2009

Tips and contact info for writing letters to the editor of newspapers
—January 22, 2009

Link to E-Activist Page (to join or take action now)
—January 22, 2009

Listen to House of Commons and its committees live
—January 1, 2009

Canadian Medical Association Journal : Canada needs paradigm shift in public health nutrition
—December 2, 2008

World Health Assembly Resolution adopting the Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health
—May 30, 2004

World Health Organization Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health
—May 30, 2004

CSPI Submission to the Commission on the Future of Health Care
—November 11, 2002

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