Gift Planning

Gifts ensure critical funding for CSPI's programs while providing U.S. donors with one or more of the following valuable benefits.

These benefits include*:

  • Immediate income tax deductions
  • Increased rate of return from appreciated assets
  • Capital gains tax relief from current investments
  • New income streams for you and/or your spouse or other family members
  • Tax-free income
  • No-risk fixed or market-driven income opportunities
  • Exclusion of assets from your taxable estate and probate

Endowment for Better Health

If you would like to provide on-going support to CSPI, consider making a donation to CSPI's Endowment for Better Health. Funds given to the Endowment are invested permanently and the on-going proceeds from the investments are used to support CSPI's work year after year. In this way, you help ensure a solid base of support for CSPI's work in the coming years. (And donations of $10,000 or more may be permanently memorialized with the name of the donor or a person designated by the donor.) Your foresight and thoughtfulness now can help accomplish the nutrition and health goals that CSPI is working to achieve.

Our gift planning staff is available to discuss a variety of gift planning vehicles with you and illustrate the potential benefits to you and your loved ones. These confidential discussions are at no cost and obligation free. For more information, or to set up a time to talk to us, please email, or phone us at: (202) 332-9110.


Benefactors of Nutrition Action

When you make a planned gift to CSPI, you will be enrolled in our Benefactors for Nutrition Action – a special group of individuals who have chosen to make a legacy gift to CSPI to ensure its future strength and viability.

These benefits include*:

  • Recognition as a lifetime member of CSPI's Benefactors for Nutrition Action
  • A lifetime subscription to Nutrition Action Healthletter
  • Complimentary CSPI books, reports, and updates on CSPI issues that matter to you most
  • Invitations to attend CSPI special events.

Your legacy gift to CSPI will have a profound effect on CSPI's future efforts to press for measures to ensure a safe, nutritious food supply and to lessen the impact of food production on the environment. There is no question that CSPI's history of accomplishments validates its importance in our society…and to future generations.



Leaving a provision for CSPI in your will or living trust is a thoughtful, visionary way to extend your dedication to future generations. All funds donated to CSPI are placed in our permanent Endowment for Better Health and provide a permanent lifeline to guarantee the viability of CSPI's programs and help us meet unforeseen challenges. Remembering CSPI in your estate plans with an asset, dollar amount or percentage of your estate can help reduce or eliminate taxes which your estate may otherwise owe.

If you already have a Will, you can use the following suggested wording to make a provision for CSPI:

Cash Bequest

I give and bequeath to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington, DC (Federal Tax I.D. #23-7122879) the sum of $_______U.S. or $______Canadian dollars to be used for its general purposes.

Residuary Bequest

I hereby give and bequeath to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington, DC (Federal Tax I.D. #23-7122879) all (or ____%) of the rest, residue or remainder of my estate to be used for its general purposes.

Specific Bequest

I give and bequeath to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington, DC (Federal Tax I.D. #23-7122879) _________ shares of ___________ [all my right, title and interest in the following described property: ________________________] to be used for its general purposes.

Contingent Bequest

I hereby give and bequeath (description of property) to my spouse, if he or she survives me. If my spouse does not survive me, I give and bequeath (description of property) to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington, DC (Federal Tax I.D. #23-7122879) to be used for its general purposes.

Gifts of U.S. Iras and Qualified Retirement Plans

You can name CSPI as the beneficiary or contingent beneficiary of your U.S. retirement plan – your 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Keough, etc. If you leave your plan to CSPI, we are able to avoid income tax on the money. Your loved ones, on the other hand, would incur high taxes on the account, which can be as high as 48 percent! By leaving your retirement plan to CSPI, you help support our bold initiatives in nutrition and health policy and can leave your loved ones other estate assets that are not taxed as highly.

Should you decide to make a legacy gift to CSPI, please notify so you can be acknowledged for your generosity as a CSPI Benefactor for Nutrition Action.


U.S. Charitable Gift Annuities

Establishing a CSPI Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) is a great way to maximize your retirement income and your charitable giving to CSPI's nutrition and health goals. A CSPI gift annuity is a contract between the donor and CSPI specifying that, in exchange for a donation of $10,000 or more, CSPI agrees to pay the donor – or up to two beneficiaries named by the donor – a lifetime income. Upon the death of the donor or the beneficiaries, the remaining principal transfers to CSPI to further its work.

Benefits of the plan include:

  • A charitable deduction for U.S. donors;
  • Guaranteed, fixed income;
  • Potential relief from U.S. capital gains taxes on gifts of appreciated securities; and
  • Removal of the asset from U.S. estate tax liability.

CSPI determines its rates by those set by the American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA). The ACGA monitors and adjusts its rates monthly based on the rates of commercial annuities, and according to current and projected market conditions. The rate of payment is determined by the age of the annuitant(s) at the time of the gift. Below is the current schedule for single-life CGA's:

Age Rate* Age Rate* Age Rate*
60 5.2 70 5.8 80 7.2
61 5.2 71 5.9 81 7.4
62 5.3 72 6 82 7.5
63 5.3 73 6.1 83 7.7
64 5.4 74 6.3 84 7.9
65 5.5 75 6.4 85 8.1
66 5.5 76 6.5 86 8.3
67 5.6 77 6.7 87 8.6
68 5.7 78 6.8 88 8.9
69 5.8 79 7 89 9.2
  90+ 9.5

Beneficiaries age 60 or older can receive immediate income from a CSPI CGA. Others may consider a Deferred-Payment CGA.

Deferred Gift Annuities

In the event that a deferred-payment CGA is preferable, you make the gift now, realize an immediate charitable deduction, but defer receiving income until a later time. In addition, because of the deferral of income, the IRS rewards you, as the donor, with an increased charitable deduction for use in the year the donation is made. The deferral of income must be until at least age 60.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) is a way that a U.S. donor can provide income to him or herself and/or others while making a generous gift to CSPI. The income may continue for the lifetimes of the beneficiaries, a fixed term of not more than 20 years, or a combination of the two.

There are two types of CRT's: the charitable remainder annuity trust, where the income is fixed and the charitable remainder unitrust where the income changes each year based on the performance of the trust assets.

To talk to a CSPI planned giving specialist, please email, or phone us at: (202) 332-9110.


Gifts of U.S. Real Estate or Property

Did you know that you can support CSPI through a gift of real estate – including primary residences, vacation homes, commercial property, or land as an outright gift or retain interest in the property?

Donating a property that you have owned for a minimum of one year entitles you to a tax deduction equal to the fair market value of that property and allows you to avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciation.

If you would like to have the tax advantages of a gift but continue to live in your home, a retained life estate is another useful gift vehicle. By donating a remainder interest in your property, you or a designated individual, can live in your house until death. Upon the death, the ownership of the property would transfer to CSPI.

To talk to a CSPI planned giving specialist, please email, or phone us at: (202) 332-9110.


Gifts of U.S. Life Insurance Policies

Designating your life insurance policy to CSPI can be an ideal way to maximize your support. Not only does this allow you to give a gift to CSPI that may be bigger than you ever thought possible, it can have many tax benefits for you and your loved ones.

For more details on the benefits of naming CSPI as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, please email, or phone us at: (202) 332-9110.


CSPI does not provide legal or financial advice, and urges you to consult your own advisors for information specific to your situation and interests.

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