Press Releases

Press Release 06/16/2016: Soda Tax in Philadelphia Passes Final Council Hurdle

Press Release 05/17/2016: Federal Court Denies Soda Industry's Motion to Stop San Francisco's Warning Labels on Soda Ads

Press Release 05/16/2016: Coke Markets to Children Despite Pledge Not to, Report Finds

Press Release 04/28/2016: Selena Gomez Urged Not to Promote Diabetes, Obesity with #ShareaCoke Campaign

Press Release 04/21/2016: Boulder Launches Campaign for 2-Cent-per-Ounce Tax on Soda, Sugar Drinks

Press Release 04/08/2016: Vitaminwater Settlement Approved by Court

Press Release 03/29/2016: Soda Sales Continue Nearly Twenty-Year Freefall

Press Release 02/29/2016: Philadelphia Mayor Proposes 3-Cent-Per-Oz Soda Tax

Press Release 02/25/2016: Americans Guzzling too Much Soda, Despite Declines

Press Release 02/18/2016: Scientists Support Warning Labels on Soda in NY State

Press Release 02/09/2016: Soda Companies Turning to Low- and Middle-Income Countries to Replace Sagging U.S. Soda Sales

Press Release 11/30/2015: Applebee's to Remove Soda from Kids' Menus

Press Release 08/25/2015: Soda Industry Spending Against Public Health Tops $100 Million

Press Release 08/20/2015: Coke-Funded Health Research Not Credible, Says CSPI

Press Release 08/19/2015: Universities Should Not Lend Names to Coca-Cola "Energy Balance" Network

Press Release 08/13/2015: Coca-Cola Funded Group Peddles "Nonsense" as Science

Press Release 07/24/2015: FDA Proposes Daily Value for Added Sugars on Nutrition Facts Labels

Press Release 07/20/2015: Nation of Chile's Front-of-Package Nutrition Labeling Praised

Press Release 06/23/2015: Health Advocates Remake Famous "Hilltop" Ad

Press Release 05/27/2015: City of Davis, CA, Takes Soda off Kids' Menus

Press Release 05/14/2015: Dairy Queen Removes Soda from Kids' Meals

Press Release 04/24/2015: PepsiCo Reformulates Diet Pepsi Without Aspartame

Press Release 04/08/2015: Nation's Leading Public Health Researchers, Scientists Endorse California, New York Sugar Drink Warning Label Bills

Press Release 03/26/2015: Soda Sales Shrink for 10th Straight Year

Press Release 03/26/2015: Rep. DeLauro's SWEET Act Would Raise About $10 Billion for Prevention Programs

Press Release 03/24/2015: New Dietary Guidelines Should Limit Sugar, Salt, Red and Processed Meats

Press Release 03/10/2015: Groups Applaud Burger King for Joining Other Fast-Food Giants in Pulling Soda From Kids' Menus

Press Release 06/26/2014: New York Court of Appeals Fails to Reinstate Soda-Size Cap

Press Release 06/05/2014: Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Legislation Weeks Away, Says DeLauro

Press Release 06/02/2014: Reducing Soda-Related Diseases is Focus of National Soda Summit

Press Release 03/31/2014: Soda Sales Slump for 9th Year, Says Beverage Digest

Press Release 03/07/2014: Maryland Bills Would Improve Nutritional Quality of Kids' Meals, Protect Kids from Dangerous Energy Drinks

Press Release 11/06/2013: Soda Spending Helps Sink Tax Proposal in Telluride

Press Release 10/31/2013: Mexican Senate Passes Tax on Soda

Press Release 10/11/2013: McDonald's Clarifies Plan to Remove Soda from Happy Meals

Press Release 09/27/2013: McDonald's, Alliance for Healthier Generation, Misled Public and Media Re: Soda and Happy Meals

Press Release 09/12/2013: Drinking Water is Great, But Drinking Less Soda is Better Message

Press Release 09/04/2013: Shaquille O'Neal Not an Appropriate Let's Move Spokesperson, Says CSPI

Press Release 08/14/2013: Coke Shouldn't Bother Rehabilitating Aspartame's Image, Says CSPI

Press Release 08/01/2013: USDA Urged to Allow Pilot Programs Aimed at Excluding Soda from SNAP Purchases

Press Release 07/30/2013: NYC Vows to Appeal Serving Size Decision

Press Release 07/25/2013: Soda Sales Continue Slide; Good News for Public Health Says CSPI

Press Release 07/22/2013: 7UP To Drop "Antioxidant" Marketing

Press Release 07/17/2013: Shaquille O'Neal Hyping 270-Calorie Sodas

Press Release 06/11/2013: New York City Should Prevail in Soda Portion Cap Appeal, Says CSPI

Press Release 05/28/2013: Anticipated National School Nutrition Standards Should Have Negligible Financial Impact on Schools and Beverage Industry

Press Release 04/10/2013: Supermarkets, Pharmacies Urged to Shift From Soda Toward No- and Low-calorie Beverages

Press Release 03/19/2013: Soda Industry's "Selfish Giving"

Press Release 03/11/2013: Judge Blocks Bloomberg Administration Soda Size Caps ... For Now

Press Release 02/27/2013: New Study Links Sugar to Diabetes

Press Release 02/13/2013: FDA Urged to Determine Safe Limits on High-Fructose Corn Syrup and Other Sugars in Soft Drinks

Press Release 02/01/2013: "Pour One Out" Video Contest Winners Announced

Press Release 01/25/2013: PepsiCo Takes Brominated Vegetable Oil Out of Gatorade

Press Release 01/25/2013: Coca-Cola Obesity Ad Translated from Cokespeak to English

Press Release 01/23/2013: NAACP Should Return Coke Money, Support Efforts to Reduce Soda-Related Diseases

Press Release 01/14/2013: CSPI on New Coca-Cola Advertising Campaign & Obesity

Press Release 01/04/2013: 2,000,000 View "The Real Bears" Film

Press Release 12/18/2012: Beyonce Urged to Reconsider Pepsi Deal

Press Release 11/30/2012: Sugary Drink Tax Should be on Table During Fiscal Cliff Talks, Group Says

Press Release 10/15/2012: The Real Bears Take America

Press Release 10/10/2012: INTRODUCING "THE REAL BEARS"

Press Release 09/21/2012: New Studies Add to Evidence Linking Soda to Weight Gain

Press Release 09/13/2012: New York City Health Board Caps Soda Serving Sizes

Press Release 07/19/2012: Health Groups Urge Surgeon General's Report on Soda

Press Release 06/26/2012: Tests Show Carcinogen Levels in Coca-Cola Vary Worldwide

Press Release 06/07/2012: Surprising Support for Curbs on Soda Serving Sizes: Poll

Press Release 06/06/2012: NYC Health Commissioner to Address Soda Summit

Press Release 05/31/2012: New York City Move on Soda Sizes Praised

Press Release 05/29/2012: National Soda Summit to Convene Next Week (June 7-8)

Press Release 03/05/2012: Lab Tests Find Carcinogen in Regular and Diet Coke and Pepsi

Press Release 02/15/2012: CSPI, Health Advocates Announce Sugary Drinks Summit

Press Release 11/03/2011: Mayors' Group Urged to Ditch Deal with Soda Industry

Press Release 08/31/2011: Cities, CSPI, & Health Groups Announce Major New Campaign to Reduce Soda Consumption

Press Release 01/03/2011: Health Warnings Urged for Soda & Other Sugary Drinks

Press Release 11/01/2010: New School Beverage Study Shows Need for Child Nutrition Bill

Press Release 10/27/2010: Is Soda Higher in Fructose Than Previously Thought?

Press Release 10/07/2010: New York City Request to Exclude Soda from SNAP Deserves Support, Says CSPI

Press Release 09/15/2010: Proposed Name Change For High-Fructose Corn Syrup Still Misleading

Press Release 01/19/2010: New York State Tax on Soda Cheered by CSPI

Press Release 09/30/2009: Taxing Soda Could Trim State Deficits (and Waistlines), Says Report

Press Release 06/17/2009: Soda Taxes Can Help Fund Health Coverage and Prevention Programs, Say Experts

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CSPI's 2005 Actions on Liquid Candy

Soft Drink Taxes

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    This report describes the British government’s ambitious plan to reverse rates of obesity and overweight in Britain.  It lays out several policies to promote children’s health, healthy food, physical activity, health at the workplace, and effective obesity treatment and support. Its initial focus is to reduce childhood overweight and obesity prevalence to 2000 levels by the year 2020.
  • Center for Science in the Public Interest.  Obesity Factsheet. Updated May 2009.
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  • Nestle M, Jacobson MF. Halting the Obesity Epidemic: A Public Health Policy Approach. Public Health Reports. 2000 Jan/Feb;115:12-24.


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