Litigation Press Releases

Press Release 02/01/2016: CVS Sued Over False and Misleading Claim that its Algal-900 Supplement Improves Memory

Press Release 10/22/2015: Plum Organics Announces New Baby and Toddler Pouch Naming Conventions

Press Release 09/30/2015: Label Improvements Resolve Vitaminwater Litigation

Press Release 05/12/2015: Plum Organics, Gerber Accused of Bait-and-Switch Schemes on Baby Food Labels

Press Release 06/12/2014: Campbell Facing Lawsuit Over Deceptive V8 Juice Drink Marketing

Press Release 07/22/2013: 7UP To Drop "Antioxidant" Marketing

Press Release 05/03/2013: Bayer to Face Lawsuit Over 'One A Day' Disease Claims

Press Release 12/21/2012: General Mills to Improve Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups Labeling

Press Release 11/08/2012: 7UP Sued Over Antioxidant Claims on Cherry, Mixed Berry, and Pomegranate Flavors

Press Release 08/14/2012: CSPI Whacks Welch's Over Deceptive Health Claims

Press Release 08/09/2012: "Splenda Essentials" Target of Lawsuit

Press Release 07/26/2012: "Natural" Nature Valley Products Have Unnatural Ingredients, Says Lawsuit

Press Release 07/05/2012: Pfizer, CSPI Resolve Centrum Labeling Issues

Press Release 04/04/2012: CSPI Reacts to Dismissal of McDonald's Happy Meal Lawsuit

Press Release 02/28/2012: Amway Makes Illegal Deceptive Claims for its Nutrilite Twist Tubes

Press Release 10/14/2011: General Mills Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over "Fruit Snacks" Full of Sugars, Partially Hydrogenated Oil, & Dyes

Press Release 06/21/2011: Fast-Food Chain Drops Toys from Kids' Meals

Press Release 02/02/2011: Safeway Sued for Failure to Notify Consumers of Recalled Food

Press Release 12/15/2010: Class Action Lawsuit Targets McDonald's Use of Toys to Market to Children

Press Release 10/27/2010: Bayer Caves In to State AGs on One A Day Cancer Claims

Press Release 08/17/2010: CSPI to Drop Litigation Over Coke's Faded "Enviga"

Press Release 07/23/2010: Lawsuit Over Deceptive Vitaminwater Claims to Proceed

Press Release 06/22/2010: CSPI to Sue McDonald's If It Continues Using Toys to Market Junk Food to Children

Press Release 05/06/2010: Safeway May Face Lawsuit for Failing to Alert Purchasers of Recalled Food

Press Release 10/01/2009: Bayer Sued Over Unsupported Prostate Cancer Claims on One A Day

Press Release 06/18/2009: Bayer Ads Misleading Men About Prostate Cancer, Says CSPI

Press Release 01/15/2009: Coke Sued for Fraudulent Claims on Obesity Promoting “VitaminWater”

Press Release 11/13/2008: CSPI's Director of Litigation Named Advocate of the Year

Press Release 09/12/2008: MillerCoors Drops Offensive Sparks Ads on

Press Release 09/11/2008: MillerCoors Under Fire for Raunchy, Soft Porn Ads for Controversial "Sparks" Energy Brew

Press Release 09/08/2008: CSPI Sues to Stop MillerCoors' "Sparks" Alcoholic Energy Drink

Press Release 08/14/2008: FTC Settles With Nationally-Recognized Maker of Healthy Remedy

Press Release 07/21/2008: Sara Lee to Make Clear its “Made with Whole Grain White Bread” is 30 Percent Whole Grain

Press Release 06/26/2008: Anheuser-Busch to Stop Caffeinating Alcoholic Beverages

Press Release 03/03/2008: Airborne Agrees to Pay $23.3 Million to Settle Lawsuit Over False Advertising of its "Miracle Cold Buster"

Press Release 02/28/2008: CSPI to Sue Anheuser-Busch, Miller over Alcoholic Energy Drinks

Press Release 02/25/2008: Court Rebuffs Burger King in Trans Fat Case

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