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Olestra (Olean) Report Form
Thanks for visiting the Center for Science in the Public Interest's (CSPI) on-line olestra report form. CSPI is a non-profit health-advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. CSPI, along with other organizations and many scientific experts, has opposed the use of olestra (Olean).

Thanks for taking the time to fill out the report form, which will only take a few minutes. CSPI evaluates and forwards each report to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (without any identifying information). Your report will be very helpful in understanding the extent of problems caused by olestra and in protecting other consumers.

First Name
Last Name
What is your occupation (clerk, student, professional, etc.)
E-mail address
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Did you suffer gastrointestinal problems after eating snack foods made with olestra?
When did you eat the olestra snack(s) that caused the problem(s)? (date and time)
How long after eating the olestra snack(s) did your problems start?
Hour(s) Minutes
When did the problems end? (date and time)
Or do they still persist?
Did your problems occur after eating olestra snacks on only one day or for more than one day? (number of days)
Please identify your problems, and rank the severity of each symptom experienced as either:

None = Did not experience the symptom.
Mild = Normal activity unimpaired.
Moderate = Normal activity impaired.
Severe = Unable to perform normal activities.

Diarrhea (excessive frequency of very loose or watery stools that are extremely difficult or impossible to control)
None Mild Moderate Severe
Couldn't control bowels; soiled clothing:
Loose stools (a bowel movement that is easier to pass than normal, but is not watery or unformed)
None Mild Moderate Severe
None Mild Moderate Severe
Fecal urgency (strong urge to go to the toilet)
None Mild Moderate Severe
None Mild Moderate Severe
Abdominal cramps
None Mild Moderate Severe
None Mild Moderate Severe
Yellow-orange stains in underwear
None Mild Moderate Severe
Greasy stools
None Mild Moderate Severe
Oil in toilet
None Mild Moderate Severe
Please give any additional details you think may be important.
After the problem(s) stopped, did you eat olestra again,
and did you get problems again?
Which problem(s) reoccurred?
Did the package bear a label that states that "olestra may cause abdominal cramping and loose stools ....."? (please look carefully)
Would you have eaten the chips if there had been such a notice?

Would you have linked your symptoms to the chips faster if there had been a notice?
Which olestra snack food did you eat when you got gastrointestinal problems?


Package Size

How much did you eat?

Procter and Gamble's Fat Free Pringles

small = 1.7 oz. can
regular = 6.5 oz.

a few chips; 17 chips;
1/4 package; 1/2 package; whole package
Sour Cream & Onion

Frito-Lay LIGHT Chips

small = 3/4 oz. bag
medium = 6 oz.
large = 13 to 15 oz.

a few chips; 17 chips;
1/4 package; 1/2 package; whole package
Lay's Light Original
Lay's Light KC Masterpiece BBQ
Doritos Light Nacho Cheese
Ruffles Light Original
Ruffles Light Cheddar & Sour Cream
Tostitos Light Restaurant Style
Do you have a history of gastrointestinal problems?
     If yes, please specify:
Did you have the flu, allergy, or other illness that might have explained your problems?
     If yes, please specify:
Where/when did the problems occur (work, school, driving, shopping, etc.)
Did you experience any safety problems, inconvenience, or embarrassment due to the problems?
Please describe what happened:
Did you seek professional medical help?
Did you have to visit a hospital emergency room?
What was the diagnosis?
Were you given or prescribed any medication?
     If yes, please specify?
Would you eat olestra products again?
Did you contact Procter & Gamble or Frito-Lay after your experience?
What was their response?
Would you be willing to speak to the press or public about your experience with olestra?
Where did you hear about this web site?